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Personal Care

The support we provide enables each individual to gain confidence and further independence.

The personal needs met include:-

  • Getting up/Going to bed

  • Washing, bathing and showering

  • Assistance with Dressed/Undressed

  • Feeding

  • Managing Continence

  • Emptying commode and other appliances including necessary cleaning and safe disposal of waste

  • Skin, Hair and hygiene Care

  • Prompting to take medicine

  • Advise on Direct Payments/Personal Budgets

Nutritional Care

This is the way of maintaining each individuals eating and drinking requirements based on required diet and can be different for each person depending on their specific needs. 

The Nutritional Care we provide includes:-

  • Preparation of Drinks

  • Light Meals

  • Breakfast

  • Hot Meals/Snacks

  • Managing Food Hygeine                                                                             

Practical Support

The Practical Support we provide includes:-

  • Making/Changing the bed

  • Cooking

  • Laundry/Ironing

  • Washing/Cleaning

  • Shopping and Light Household Duties

  • Support to a full range of community activities

  • Support to maintain links with family, friends and other supporting providers  using the appropriate communication methods.

  • Helping to manage individuals’ personal and financial requirements

  • Support to collect benefits and or pensions

  • Support to maintaining health and wellbeing


Some of the people we support live alone and we recognise that at times more closely monitored forms of care is required, as a result unfortunate accident or discharge from hospital.

           Our sit-in service provides day and night support, making sure that all the individuals we support in this way are fully confident in living independently along with a helping hand from their carer.     

Live In Care          

Providing you with a piece of mind that you are not alone in your home. This can be provided on a long or short term basis allowing a more acute care service to be delivered by Cherish.

               At Cherish we are in a position to offer a dedicated service to BME groups whom require a cultural specific  live in care service. We are therefore able to cater to a service users religious, cultural and dietary requirements.

Who we support?


            We support older people and younger adults, whether they have some basic or a wider range of needs.

            There are also times when care and support needed becomes more complex and challenging or multiple types of care is needed and thereby we also provide specialist home care support,  including :

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Mental Health- Dementia

  • Palliative Care

  • Care for Stroke Victims

  • Acquired Brain Injury

Home Care Re-Ablement


            There are individuals who need care following discharge from hospital, recovering from unfortunate accidents or recovery for the effects of an illness etc. This therefore is not only a supportive service, but also is preventative, in helping support individuals towards independence and avoidance of further hospital admissions.

            Also this support provides rehabilitation helping individuals accommodate their needs or illnesses by learning or re-learning skills necessary for daily living. 



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