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May I welcome you to Cherish Home Care and our web-site. Since our establishment in 2002, as a Home Care Agency we have been providing care and support to a wide range individuals, with a wide range of needs, within their own home and in the broader community on a one to one basis, whether for a few hours a week or on a 24 hour basis.


At Cherish Home Care we take the view that all the individuals we support, deserve a high quality and personalised service, which is regular and on time, every time. We support Care in the Community and the delivery of personalised services because we believe in self directed support and that everyone should have choices and control over their own lives and to be able to make decisions about their chosen lifestyle, particularly if it means remaining in their own home. Of course we value the care each individual receives from their relatives or others close to them and therefore at Cherish Home Care in recognising this, we aim to work alongside them and to include them in the service we provide.


Our key objective is to ensure that the independence, privacy and dignity of all individuals we support, is maximised to the full through the comprehensive and established range of high quality personalised care and welfare services we provide, each delivered to meet specific individual needs and choices.


It is our intension to work alongside all our service users by enabling them to achieve maximum independence with the assistance our dedicated care staff.




Asha Sharma

Managing Director

Equality and Diversity

Upholding and promoting the values of equality and diversity is core to our very existence, especially in the service we provide and the carers we recruit.

Over the last 10 years we have built a highly qualified and dedicated staff team as diverse as the people we support and through their wealth of experience improve the way we work.

We ensure that no member of staff or service user is discriminated against due to their age, race, religion, culture, disability, gender and sexual orientation.

More than 62% of our care staff are from different ethnic backgrounds, allowing Cherish to provide a care service that is catered to our service users specific cultural and religious needs.

As a regional provider of home care services in the West Midlands, Cherish Home Care supports people with a wide range of care needs from different ethnic and religious back grounds.

Quality Assurance

We have regular discussions with all the individuals we support and their carers about the services we provide to ensure quality performance and this is monitored by:-

  • Robust recruitment process for all our care workers by following a detailed interview to ensure their suitability and reliability, including the receipt of two verified written references.

  • Visiting all individuals referred to us before their care starts, in order to establish good care working relationships.

  • Participating in care reviews with Social Services and NHS Staff.

  • One to one supervision and regular monitoring of the performance of care staff and support workers.

  • Evaluation of the service we provide, by annual reviews and Risk Assessments and Courtesy phone calls  every 3 months.

  • Regular staff meetings.

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